Ice Gripper Anti-Slip Walking Shoe Cleat - S-XL Size

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Ice Gripper Anti-Slip Walking Shoe Cleat - S-XL Size

1. Ultra-light and highly elastic
2. Ground-gripping steel studs
3. Available size for you to choose
4. Takes only seconds to put on and take off
5. Stretch-on traction footgear for ice and snow

Size available:

1. Carefully fasten the grips to your shoes, starting with the front and then stretch the back over the heel to ensure they are securely attached. Large size is required if wearing over winter footwear.
2. We suggest that the grips are used only on snow or ice to prevent wear to the studs(replacement studs are available from WinterWise).
3. Always wipe the grips clean with a dry cloth after using.
Store the grabbers in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.

The snow ice grips are designed only for use on packed snow and ice. They should not be worn on hard or muddy surfaces devoid of ice cover.
Available in sizes: from 3-13 UK size
Size S (3): L*W=175*120*3mm
Size M (5): L*W=200*135*3mm
Size L (8): L*W=215*140*3mm
Size XL (9.5): L*W=245*145*3mm