3-4 Person Waterproof Windbreak Tent Dual Layer Tent 200x200x130cm - 2 Colors

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Our Super classic inner tent design, convenient and comfortable.

Support type window design, the account is arranged at the top of two ventilation skylights, good air permeability can be opened or closed, convenient and practical.
The night will be in the account closed, dampness and rain.
The curtain can be opened outside the account and rolled up and fixed buckle, easy to use.
Summer in the account can be used alone.
The diameter of 7.9MM, high-quality glass rod, lightweight and durable, build and storage are very convenient.
Large ventilation window with the top of the tent on both sides, to achieve the best effect and air permeability, anti-mosquito.
When the outdoor wind, the wind rope pulled up, in order to improve the anti-wind fixed tent, tent.
Put up the tent in the wild, with the tent nail fixed, thus greatly improve the windbreak tent, and can make the inside and outside building full account.
A total of two tents inside the bag can be placed, clothing, mobile phone, and other debris. The convenience of your storage.
The top of the tent is provided with a hook, hanging lantern.
Material: polyester and oxford cloth
Storage size: 52*10*12cm
Open size: 200*200*130cm
Suitable: for 3-4 people
Outside waterproof: 2500mm-3000mm
Under waterproof: 2000mm
Color: green, Blue
Package Content:
1 x Tent 
4 x Wind rope
10 x Nails
3 x Poles